Body Treatments

Deluxe Chocolate body treatment 90 min. 69 €
Say goodbye to stress and welcome the harmony of chocolate!
Chocolate made from cocoa beans have an important effect on our skins beauty. Evergreen tropical cocoa tree grows in the Amazon and Orinoco river upstream and it’s Latin name Theobroma means „fruit of the Gods“. Cocoa powder wrap, made from cocoa tree beans, helps to improve your silhouette and reduces „orange peel“ skin texture effect.
Scientific researches has shown cocoa’s stimulating effect to endorphins (happiness hormones), creating an elevated mood while burning the calories. Chocolate wrap contains caffeine and polyphenols, which improves the shape of your body, nourishes, moisturizes and tones the skin. What is most important – it helps to get rid of the cellulite!
Our Deluxe Chocolate procedure gives your body all the chocolate’s physiological and emotional healing properties without any excess calories!

Aromamineral “Voile de Sultane” slimming and firming body treatrment 60 min €59
Discover the fairytale world of 1001 Nights and feel like a real prince or princess. The treatment combines the traditional beauty tricks of oriental women and original skin care products with enchanting scents. The best active substances from the nature of central-Asia are used in the treatment. According to the clients wish or mood one can choose between rose-silver anti-stress relaxing treatment or jasmine-copper tonus-raising and energizing treatrment. The ritual begins with body exfoliation that is followed by a Rhassoul clay wrapping mixed with silver or copper powder. Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay that can only be found in Morocco. This red clay is known for this firming and purifying features. After the wrapping relish a luxurious Arganil walnut oil massage that nourishes, moisturises and also finishes the treatment.

  • Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms.

“Aromamineral” luxurious golden rejuvenating treatment with body wrap 60 min €59
Really luxurious treatment, which involves a lot of mineral substances, including mineral gold, which has the restorative, strengthening and rejuvenating effect on skin. The treatment starts with body massage which is done with an exfoliator with golden particles in it. This will remove dead skinn cells and brighten and enliven the skin, giving it back its natural radiance. After the scrub it’s followed by nourishing, moisturising, lifting body wrap with 24 carat gold. The treatment is completed with nourishing and moisturising golden cream. The result is remineralised, moisturised and nourished youthful skin, luminous with silk and gold.

Perfectly shaping body treatment 75 min 69 €
The treatment combines detoxing and shaping effects. The treatment begins by body peeling with fruit acids. Self-heating mask and a special slimming body massage contribute infission of the fats and also helps the body to excrete residues. The result of treatment is a slimmer waist and cellulite is also reduced.

  • Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms.

Velvety sea body treatment 30 min. 39 €
As natural as moisturizing your face is peeling and moisturizing your whole body.
Before and during taking sunbaths, at the change of the seasons and weekly absorb skin exfoliation with moisturizing can help your skin stay youthful, smoother, firmer and even in color for longer. Moisturizing treatment contains marine exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and enriches your skin with needed minerals. In the moisturizing peeler are added moisturizing essences of geranium, patchouli and coriander which is left on the body for 10-15 minutes. At the end of the procedure, a refreshing spa water enriched with moisturizing algae, is sprayed on the body, restoring the normal balance of skin moisture.
Our treatment offers you a velvety skin, relaxed and good emotion and a pleasant holiday.