Green Key

The Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn, Estonia has joined Green Key, the eco label that has been awarded to our hotel for taking extra care of environment and nature in our daily operations.

Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn wants to be an environment-friendly host who appreciates:

  • providing of services saving natural resources and diminishing water and electrical energy consumption
  • diminution of wastes by sorting and reprocessing and full cleaning of wastewater
  • use of nature-friendly cleaning agents
  • use of high-quality local food raw materials in restaurant
  • sale of ecological and natural products
  • consistent introduction of environment-saving principles among employees
  • introduction of environment-saving principles to hotel’s guests through different in-formation materials
  • opportunities of active vacation in Old Town and around Tallinn (Kadriorg, Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum, walking poles rental etc.)

We wish that our employees, cooperation partners and guests carry on environment-saving principles. We organize a “Green Day” each year for better introducing of nature-friendly activity in the Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn. With this we contribute to the ensuring of a cleaner future also for the posterity.

We would be thankful if you also participated in our environment program through activities:

  • saving electrical energy by turning lights off when leaving the room
  • using water economically
  • limiting the use of washing agents, leaving only towels that need changing on bath-room floor
  • placing packaging aside the wastebasket, paper and cardboard on the table and domes-tic waste into the wastebasket on your hotel room
  • giving used batteries and other hazardous wastes to the hotel receptionist
  • moving by foot or bicycle in nature
  • using opportunities of active vacation on hiking trails, on sports grounds or in parks

Help us to help the environment!

About Green Key