Places to visit

It’s quite a task to choose only ten things one must see in Tallinn. From the city’s many intriguing sights, these stand out because each has a unique story and cannot be found

anywhere else in the world. So if you’re in Tallinn for a limited time, or are looking for something truly special, check out this list of noteworthy sights.


There are plenty of places to shop in Tallinn. You can visit large malls and entertainment centers in the center and small local shops in the Old Town. In Tallinn, you will find both, well know international brands and local names which are unique and perfect for a gift to your friends back home.


Solaris Center: Solaris Center – The modern Solaris Center is a combination shopping mall and cultural center located right in the heart of the downtown area.


Viru Keskus: Viru Keskus, the best fashion center in the city, is situated in the heart of Tallinn.


Nautica Mall: Nautica Mall – A location close to the Passenger Port’s D-terminal makes this shopping center convenient for anyone heading out on one of the Tallink ferries. Nautica Mall has approximately 60 shops, new leisure and entertainment facilities and extensive dining options.


Estonian House: Estonian House – The shop gathers together local craftsmen, small businesses and farm food producers. There is a fun mix of modern and traditional handicraft or design items, which make perfect gifts to take with you.